The New Hampshire State Police Department took to their socials on Friday to share some heavy news.  Explosives Detection #K9 Marsh crossd the rainbow bridge on the due to medical complications. The Instagram post went on to say that Marsh entered on duty with State Police on December 21, 2012 after having served as an explosives detection canine with the United States Marine Corps. It went on to say that while serving with the Marines, Marsh had one combat deployment to Afghanistan. As the Marines were withdrawn from Afghanistan, some of their single purpose explosive detection canines were transferred to US law enforcement. That is when K9 Marsh was assigned to the New Hampshire State Police Bomb Squad.

Marsh did a lot of AMAZING things throughout his career. He participated in many of New Hampshire’s and New England’s most critical incidents and events including the Boston Marathon Bombing, Democratic National Committee Debates, NASCAR races and the rampant bomb threats throughout the state in 2016. He could be found regularly helping with security efforts at the Manchester Boston Regional Airport and New Hampshire’s Statehouse.

K9 Marsh will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved him. He is remembered fondly by the New Hampshire State Police Department as a whole and his handler Sergeant Jeffrey Dade. Marsh exemplified the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis that means, “always faithful”. He was an amazing and loyal companion who was extrememly appreciated and loved.

Rest easy, K9 Marsh. Thank you for all you did to keep our state and nation safe and free.

New Hampshire State Police Department via Twitter
New Hampshire State Police Department via Twitter

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