Police in Raymond, New Hampshire think they know who tried to kill a pet rabbit. According to WGME, the rabbit was clinging to life when a couple of kayakers found her in the Lamprey River on Sunday. The report says a rope was tied around the rabbit's neck and "a 5-pound weight was attached to the other end of the rope." A doctor at Candray Pet Care Center told WGME that the bunny, approximately one to two years old, was rescued in the nick of time. Otherwise, she would have drowned and died as per Dr. Cobb.

Raymond Police have determined a person of interest, after a kid's family members made a report to officers about him or her. At the time of this article, the juvenile has not been named and no arrests have been made. WGME says animal cruelty charges are pending.

The rabbit is not out of the woods yet. Dr. Cobb told the news station that the rabbit has not fully recovered, and he is concerned about pneumonia.

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