Pastor Ernie Madden knows his favorite quarterback… and his bible. Madden is the pastor at Ashland Community Church in Ashland, New Hampshire and is a huge fan of the Patriots. Last week, Madden put a bible verse from Daniel 8:7 on his church's sign that read: "No one could rescue the ram from the goat's power." See the sign by clicking here. He also predicted the Patriots would beat the Rams 38 to 20.

Pastor Madden may have gotten the score wrong; but, who could have predicted the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history?

Check out the pastor’s latest sign with another verse that is really in the bible, from Daniel 8:8: "Then the goat became exceedingly great."

(Photo By Debra Madden/Used With Permission)
(Photo By Debra Madden/Used With Permission)

We love how the Patriots snowman that Madden built is pointing at the church sign. We'll keep an eye on the church's sign next football season!

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