Were you lucky enough to go see The Old Man of the Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire? I remember going with my family when I was younger. It was a sad day back on May 3, 2003, when The Old Man of the Mountain just collapsed in the early morning hours.

Well, you can relax and rejoice because, after almost two decades, The Old Man of the Mountain is back!

Yes, you read that correctly. The Old Man of the Mountain was spotted the morning of Friday, January 27th in New Hampshire.

According to the Western White Mountains Chamber of Commerce, for generations the Abenaki called this "Great Stone Face," however, New England's settlers dubbed the face The Old Man of the Mountain.

For years, visitors and tourists flocked to see this amazing rock formation overlooking Profile Lake in New Hampshire. If you are wondering how The Old Man of the Mountain came about, it was actually a Post Ice Age erosion that ended up carving a facelike structure out of the rock.

Unfortunately, all of New Hampshire's hard work to keep the face intact seemed to have failed as The Old Man of the Mountain crumbled in 2003.

That is, until almost 2 decades later.

Mount Washington Observatory posted on Facebook a photo showing proof that The Old Man of the Mountain is still around watching over us.

Do you see it? The Old Man of the Mountain has returned after almost 20 years!

Mount Washington Observatory states that this phenomenon is due to rime ice.

The sad part is, we almost could have missed this and never have seen The Old Man of the Mountain again. It is all thanks to a volunteer at the summit that spotted this on the webcams.

Want to try to find The Old Man of the Mountain yourself? Well, you can try to find him as well as check out many other beautiful spots right now with Mount Washington Observatory's Weather Cams.

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