When it comes to tipping, do you consider yourself to be generous? If you live in New Hampshire, chances are you do. The website moneypenny.com recently conducted a study to determine the best tipping states in the country. And it turns out that the Granite State is the best state for tipping...in the country!

I've always heard that an average tip when you go out to eat is 15%. But many people will often go above and beyond, and tip closer to 20%. I'm generally a twenty percenter myself, unless I'm very unsatisfied with the service, and then it will be closer to fifteen.

Well according to this study, the average tip in New Hampshire is above even the generous end - 20.47%. That's good for number one on the list, followed by neighboring New England state Vermont, who on average tips 20.3%. Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Colorado round out the top five, all right around 19.5%.

So which state has the worse tipping average? Idaho ranks dead last in this study, averaging 16.71. But even that is above the old 15% standard, which apparently is no longer the standard.

Do you consider yourself to be a generous tipper? Let us know, in the comments of the Facebook post!


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