We all know that some people go all out during the holidays. Some houses will be decorated with lights, props, and inflatables. There are always certain houses to look for around the holidays, but it is not always just during the Christmas season.

Halloween has become another holiday in which some house owners choose to do more than just put up some fake spiderwebs. You've probably driven past some houses that are fully decorated (my family's house doesn't even have any more space for decorations as the front yard is covered).

Children will walk by these houses and stop and stare, well, that is unless they get scared of course. However, it is not always the children that are fascinated by all the decorations that people put outside, adults are too.

If you enjoy more than just decorations, you will need to check out this one house in New Hampshire.

Forget about staring at inflatables or animatronics when it comes to Halloween decorations. One house located at 6 Barr Farm Road in Bedford, New Hampshire, goes all out for the Halloween season (as well as for Christmas).

You may be asking how they go all out, well, they put on a fantastic light show towards the end of October, and they have already started.

This year, you can take a nice late-night drive to catch this incredible show that runs from October 21st to October 31st. The light show will run every night (as long as it is not raining) from 6:30 pm to 9 pm.

According to the owners' website, the family started back in 2012 and for every minute it takes them about 3 to 10 hours to create the sequence. So, they put a lot of time into creating this for your viewing pleasure.

Interested in going, well you can take a peek at all the hard work from last year below.

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