I've been in clubs with floors covered in glitter, balloons, or even foam. I used to work at Texas Roadhouse where the floors were covered in peanut shells, but sand? Sand is a new one for me. I gotta admit...I don't hate it.

Scrolling through my Instagram feed I quickly saw a photo, taken from high up in some room and the floor looked odd, to say the least. It was enough to get me to stop scrolling and upon further inspection, I realized it was beach sand at none other than Pipe Dream Brewing in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Pipe Dream Brewing decided to fill the void left from a summer stuck inside and day after day of cold temperatures by bringing the beach inside once again for their All Summer Long Event that begins today, March 4th, and continues through the evening of March 7th. All Summer Long is an event they hold every year on one day, but to help keep things safe for patrons they are spreading the fun over 4 days for 2021.

Stop by on Friday or Saturday for some live music. Friday will feature Dillen Welch from Supernothing from 6 to 8 and DJ Mikey P and Wounded Wing from 8 to 10. Saturday will feature Mike Forgette from Over the Bridge from 4 to 6 and DJ Mikey P and Wounded Wing will be back from 7 to 10.

All Summer Long is first come first serve. Pipe Dream Brewing has 2 rooms and an outdoor area as well. They have a full menu with pizza, sandwiches, BBQ, and more which you can see here as well as ice-cold beer, wine, and cider. See what's on tap here.

To enjoy some sand between your toes, nevermind, keep your shoes on...

To enjoy dumping sand out of your sneakers later and soaking up just a taste of beach vibes, good food, brews, and tunes, check out the full event on Facebook, here.

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