Meet Kaden. He's the son of a very proud mother Ashlee Thurlow. The Thurlows are from Hampton, New Hampshire where Kaden goes to Marston Elementary School. Ashlee told us that Kaden used his birthday money to buy over 50 books for the Lane Memorial Library’s book drive for less fortunate children right before Christmas. Kaden’s birthday is October 24th, and instead of using his cash to buy the coolest new tech gadgets, games or toys like other kids his age, he saved it and then, selflessly spent it on other people. The third-grader saw a sign for a book drive at the library and decided to donate. Ashlee says when Kaden brought the books to the children’s room, the librarian started to cry.

We asked Kaden what his motivation was in doing this good deed. Here's his response:

“So I thought since I like to read, I thought other kids who didn’t have as much as me would like to read too! I was happy with what I got for my birthday, so I thought I would share”

What a great kid!

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