How does this even happen? A Rhode Island couple were sailing from Newport to East Greenwich on Friday afternoon, when the wife fell off their sailboat in Narragansett Bay, according to the Providence Journal. She was reportedly able to swim to a nearby island and take shelter there, and she was eventually rescued by the coast guard the next morning around 4 a.m. Luckily, she only had mild hypothermia from being in the water, so she's physically okay. However, whether or not she is emotionally okay is yet to be seen. Because here's the worst part: Her husband did not even notice she was gone until several hours later as per the Journal. Supposedly, he thought she was below deck of their 39-foot sailboat. Ummmm… What's wrong with this picture?

I wouldn't blame her for being mad at him forever. If this happened to me, my man would have to sleep with one eye open. Just saying.

By the way, authorities are still investigating this incident. I'll let you know if we find out anything more.

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