Do you think that you live in a state where some may be very good at lying? Are you yourself a good liar? It is not news that dishonest people can be found almost everyplace around the globe. I mean come on, who hasn't told at least a little white lie once in their lives?

Even as a kid, I remember holding back saying things, only to find out that if you don't tell your parents everything that you did, it is considered a lie. Let's face it, almost everyone has lied or will lie at least once in their lifetime. The real question is does the state that one resides in have more of an effect on one's ability to lie?

I know that sounds like a strange question, however, it seems that individuals in certain states seem to be more dishonest than others.

A study conducted by determined the most dishonest states by looking at five categories related to lying, bluffing, etc. I was honestly surprised by some of the results, as they were not the best for us New England residents.

In the top 7 most dishonest states, New England states filled three spots. That's right, out of the top 7, three of the most dishonest states are in New England.

Other than some New England states making the top 10, these states also made the list:

#10 Oregon

#9 South Dakota

#8 Montana

#6 Nevada

#5 Delaware

#4 North Dakota

#1 Wyoming

Now, I've lived in multiple states in New England and honestly have loved the people that I've met, I never would have thought that three New England states would be considered among the most dishonest.

Coming in at #7 for being the most dishonest is New Hampshire.

Many people believe that Maine is one of the friendliest states, and although that may be true, you will have to take what people say with a grain of salt. Maine actually came in as the #3 state for being the most dishonest.

Last but not least, coming in at #2... Vermont.

If you are wondering where the other New England states placed, Rhode Island came in at #15, Connecticut at #25, and the most honest of the New England states is Massachusetts ranked at #37.

Do you agree with these results?

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