We asked you, New Englanders, to describe New England in one picture and the top 20 answers are below.

New England has so much to offer.

When you think of New England, what do you think of?

This is typically dictated by the weather, right?

I mean in the summer you could choose anything: the pristine beaches on the Cape, the Hampton strip, or even camping up on the presidential range in the White Mountain National Forest.

In the summer you could also think of the horrific traffic up 95 North... the worst.

Fall you likely will think of leaf peeping. AKA more out-of-state travelers. But also gorgeous fall foliage in New Hampshire and Maine.

Winter, what comes to mind? Ice? Salty cars? Piles and piles of snow?

And then spring...the mud season and the transition from dead trees to lively green forests.

For me, I think it is certainly dictated by the time of the year (which makes describing it in ONE picture so difficult).

My summer picture would have to include something at the beach. Even if you are a lake guy (like myself) New England is home to the coast, and not many states can say the same.

Spring to me means happy times, friends coming out of hibernation, the sun shining, the start of shorts and t-shirts, and days at Fenway!

Fall? Camping, hiking and leaves changing of course.

And winter is ski, snowboarding, and pond hockey season.

But I can't speak for all of New England and this is not one picture PER SEASON.

We are searching for the best SINGLE picture to describe New England as a whole.

From personal pictures to hilarious memes, you certainly delivered the best 20 pictures to describe New England.


New England Described in a Picture

We asked New Englanders to describe New England in one picture and some of the results are below.

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