A woman who works for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is being hailed as a hero, after running into a burning building, according to our news partner WMTW. Christina Gradozzi saw the “raging” fire on Moulton Street in Lynn last Wednesday night, and didn't hesitate to stop and help. Gradozzi didn't just call 911. In the video below, you can see that she grabbed the fire extinguisher from her bus. She reportedly started to put the fire out in a burning triple-decker. After she emptied the extinguisher, WMTW says she started to knock on doors, in an effort to alert the people inside.

The MBTA via WMTW reports that Gradozzi was being helped by an unknown man.

MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak says that Gradozzi “ran into a burning building to save lives at great personal risk.” He also said:

We appreciate the hard work she does every day as an operator and particularly want to laud her bravery in this instance.


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