While the world around us keeps on changing, the Granite State is doing its best to keep those old-fashioned feels alive. Just weeks after one New Hampshire location was ranked among the best in the country for “pure nostalgia,” another further north unveiled a new display that will bring back fond memories for locals and tourists.

Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln has a new sign featuring the Clark brothers in a cherry red Model T Ford, along with their bears Ebony and Midnight (do you think they were related to the bear who just tried to steal a company’s van up in Sunapee?).

Clarks Trading Post via Facebook
Clarks Trading Post via Facebook

Clarks was founded in 1928, according to its official website, when Ed Clark and his wife Florence had ambitions of creating a roadside attraction for summer visitors. The first few years, the Post offered snacks and souvenirs – but in 1931, the Clarks found their hook.

That’s when they purchased their first black bear. By the late '40s, the Clarks’ sons, the aforementioned Edward and Murray, began training bears how to entertain visitors (I wonder if they were related to the bears in Massachusetts that recently took up golf).

Edward passed away in 2009, followed by Murray just one year later. But their legacy lives on, as Clark’s has remained a vacation must. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has been one of the Post’s most ardent supporters, often shouting it out during his annual trips to Santa’s Village.

But if you’re seeking nostalgia at Santa’s, you better get there before a major ride change goes into effect in 2024.

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