Those of us who rely on laundromats because we don't have a washer-dryer hookup in our apartments are desperate for quarters. One of the unanticipated side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is a shortage of coins, because money isn't circulating like normal. Some businesses have refused to accept cash during this crisis, and people are also leary of touching money, especially coins. Some people have reported seeing signs in stores that tell customers to pay with the exact dollar amount because they cannot give change. And, many banks have suspended giving rolls of quarters to their customers because of this coin famine.

The shortage has left laundromat users in a bind as they scramble to look for quarters anywhere they can find them. After breaking piggy banks and looking under the couch cushions, where else can we look? Here are some ideas:

Need Quarters For Laundry? Here Are 6 Places To Find Them

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