Kids are going back to school in Maine and that means school buses will be back on the roads getting them there.

Despite everything we were taught in driver's education, a lot of people still don't understand the laws regarding stopped school buses.

The Maine DOT took the time to remind everyone when you do and don't have to stop for a school bus with red lights flashing.

Most of us are aware that when you see a stopped school bus with red lights flashing, no matter which direction you are approaching it from, you must stop. Where some confusion comes in is when you are on a multi-lane road.

Let's say you're in the far right lane of a road with four travel lanes and a bus is stopped traveling in the opposite direction in the furthest lane from you. Depending on how the road is configured you may or may not have to stop.

The rule is, if there is a multi-lane road that is paved across with no median, you must stop in all directions for a stopped school bus. However, if there is an unpaved space at least 5 feet long or any raised median or barrier, vehicles behind the bus must stop, but vehicles traveling in the opposite direction can proceed with caution.


A lot of drivers assume if there are multiple lanes, they don't need to stop.

In 2018, one woman in Tampa Bay got tired of consistently seeing cars pass her daughter's school bus on a multi-lane road, so she started shooting video the offenders and the police came out and ticketed every single one of them.

The kids are back in school, so drive carefully and stop for school buses.

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