AJ and I asked our listeners about the "Momisms" they grew up with AND if they used them on their kids. It was amusing to hear how many of them did say the same things to their children.

One of the most common Momisms is: "Just wait until you have kids of your own." We heard that one from many of the people we talked to.

Most of the Momisms we gathered were in line with the results of a new survey.

The most popular "Momisms" that moms use on their kids are:
"Because I said so."
"Don't worry. Everything will be okay."
"You'll always be my baby."

AJ admitted his mother says the latter of these to him, even to this day.

The Momism my stepmother used the most (in a different language) is this:

I noticed mine did not make the list of most popular Momisms. And, I grew thinking all mothers said this to their children.

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