With Valentine's Day this Friday, have you made your plans with your sweetie? If not, watching a romantic comedy could be a great thing to do on the big day. So before you go looking for that perfect rom-com to watch with your main squeeze, you should check out this list of the most popular ones. The cool thing about this study is that it breaks it down by state. So without further ado, from the website House Method, here are the most popular rom-coms in each New England state:

Maine: Bridesmaids

New Hampshire: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Vermont: Bridesmaids

Massachussetts: The 40-Year Old Virgin

Connecticut: Wedding Crashers

Rhode Island: 500 Days Of Summer

I will say that in my opinion, a few of these are all time classics. Although I've never seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding or 500 Days Of Summer, Bridesmaids, 40-Year Old Virgin, and Wedding Crashers are great movies. And not just for women...for guys too!

40-Year Old Virgin was actually the most popular pick among all fifty states, and Bridesmaids was number two. But My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the top choice for only one other state besides New Hampshire - Arkansas.

See the full report from House Method here.


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