There comes a time in our lives when we know it's time for change. For me, that time to change is now, and the change means my leaving 94.9 WHOM. I'm taking a big leap of faith to grow my own business. Sad to say goodbye to radio but excited about big things to come. 

I have been in radio 19 years. Started part-way through college thanks to a suggestion by one of my college instructors. A local radio station in Rhode Island, where I lived at the time, was searching for a weekend producer to work the overnight hours. I applied and got the job.

Since then, I have covered the spectrum of positions, shifts and jobs in the radio biz. I have shmoozed with new artists and some of music's biggest stars; produced concerts, contests, events and promotions of all sizes; performed thousands of on-air radio shows (some in unimaginable places at ungodly hours), have had the opportunity to coach and manage some of the most incredibly talented and creative radio personalities and have been part of major fundraising campaigns that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for their charity. I never anticipated or expected what a truly amazing and humbling journey this would be!

I am leaving the stations to work more as an independent contractor. My DJ business, Mike Rovin Productions, is becoming lucrative and I will continue to expand into audio production, voice-over talent, and sound mixing. All the things I love and that compelled me to radio in the first place.Taking a leap of faith like this is terrifying and exciting but like a friend of mine recently said, "if life isn't scary and exciting than you're not really living!"

I hope that I've left half the impression on those I have encountered as they have on me. I'm honored to have been on the air at some of the most well known stations in the country. To my friends and fans in New England (and elsewhere), thank you for being part of my journey and listening to me on the radio throughout the years. It has been a blast.

Below is a photo gallery of some pics from throughout the years. Feel free to check it out and please LIKE my DJ page at Much love and peace to all of you! Mike