Is there anything better than doing nothing?

For many of us, that answer is no! Especially for the South Beach, Miami, Florida-born brand, Nothing Better than Doing Nothing (NBTDN). According to their website, they celebrate enjoying the simple things, just hanging out, having fun, and, well, doing nothing!

What do they sell?

NBTDN features beachy simple styles. T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and various accessories. All reasonably priced and perfect for the laid-back do-nothing beach look. Until recently they've solely been an online retailer or had their items sold by third-party shops.

Brick and mortar?

From the digital world based in Miami to the Southern Coast of Maine, NBTDN is coming to beautiful Ogunquit.

While Ogunquit beaches and Miami beaches are two completely different worlds, the folks at NBTDN know a great beach area when they see one. In fact, Ogunquit Beach was ranked #7 Best Beach in the United States by Trip Advisor. Plus, Ogunquit is very accessible to other New England states further exposing their brand to the northeast.

When are they opening?

No details have been released at this time but keep up to date by following them on Instagram and giving them a "like" on Facebook. Want to start shopping now? Head on over to their website here.

We can't wait for you all to get here and do nothing with Mainers!

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