In response to the recent spike in cases of COVID-19 in Massachusetts, Governor Baker announced more executive orders that is reporting are called “targeted interventions.”

One of the most significant changes will be to the mask mandate that is already in place in the state.

The new mask order will require anyone in an outdoor space or public space to wear a mask, the news station reported, and this includes even if you are able to maintain a social distance.

So, I suppose if you are going for a run or a bike ride, you will need to mask up.

In addition to the increased restrictions on masks, the governor has also issued an executive order that is being referred to as a stay at home advisory with a curfew in effect from 10 pm to 5 am, according to WCVB. Exemptions to this order are going to and from work, essential errands and going for a walk.

Baker tells “We want to do everything in our power to avoid reverting to phase one or phase two of our reopening plan.  But that requires us all to step up and make some changes.”

There will also be more stringent restrictions on indoor gatherings.

Those gatherings will be capped at 10 and outdoor events will be cut down from 50 to 25, according to the news station.

All these new restrictions are being put in place to reduce the spread of COVID and prevent the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed during the flu season.

For more detailed information on the changes, check out the article on  Stay safe.

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