The band HOM is sending you to see in Sunrise, FL has definitely gone thru some changes in the past 14 years.   The guys actually started off in the Alterative Rock world with their first single "Harder To Breathe". Pop radio and MTV moved the guys quickly into the mainstream and the guys have not looked back. Multiplatinum CD's, top charting singles and Adam on the small screen via NBC's "The Voice" has keep Maroon 5 going strong for well over a decade.

Friday is the final day to qualify to see the band in Sunrise, FLA in early 2015. Listen around 9:20, 2:20 and 5:20 to be added into the drawing. Sandra and Teddy will hopefully calling you Monday morning the 6th with some great news.

Check out M5: Then and Now:

"Harder To Breathe" (2002)

"Maps" (2014)

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