Even though the word about this porch piracy came out in public light just yesterday, Manchester, New Hampshire police apparently received a report a few Wednesdays ago, on April 21, of a woman being caught on home surveillance video swiping packages off of the owner's front steps.

According to WMUR, the Manchester Police are saying because the items inside of the packages were valued at over $1,000, that makes the crime an actual felony. Can you imagine having a felony on your record because you just walked up to some random stranger's front door and swiped a box off of their steps? Because, why, you just felt the need to take it or wanted the rush of it?

The video of this porch pirate may not be HD quality, but there's plenty of giveaways that show exactly who she is. Regardless of the graininess, she gets right up on the camera when she's bending down to steal the package. Plus, her gray car is in CLEAR VIEW of the camera, as is her entire body and walking approach to the stairs.

There are dead giveaways to who this is, so there's no doubt that she'll be identified sooner than later. If you know who this is, help out the cause and make it a quicker process for all involved. Manchester Police are asking you to contact them at 603-668-8711 or you can use the anonymous tip line at 603-624-4040.

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