Now that we're officially into winter, most of us are already longing for summer.

The warmer weather brings a lot of different sights to cities and towns with an active downtown life -- cyclists cruise the streets along with skateboarders and people just taking a nice afternoon stroll while doing some window shopping.

But have you ever seen a man riding a horse while at the same time walking his dog? Because last spring, anyone in downtown Portsmouth, NH was officially able to check that off of their bucket list.

Corie Serven
Corie Serven

The picture was taken by Corie Serven, who said she was just hanging out enjoying the beautiful weekend weather downtown last spring when she noticed the man seemingly appear out of nowhere on horseback, with his dog in tow.

Honestly, at first glance of this picture, a few things come to mind -- first things first, we need to give both that man and that dog all the credit in the world. Look closely -- there's no leash on that pup. He's just obediently and calmly walking along behind his cowboy dad and big brother (or sister) horse.

Secondly, maybe this is a more common occurrence than any of us realize, because look at the person holding the can of paint standing right next to the horse NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGING ITS EXISTENCE. Like it's just any other sunny Saturday in Market Square.

Finally, is it me, or does this guy look 100% like the Marlboro Man from back in the day? Did he relocate to New Hampshire?

Back to the second point though, perhaps part of the reason that man with the paint can wasn't phased by a random horse walking next to him is because the area is used to people riding horseback. Up until June 2020, neighboring Dover had a Mounted Patrol, which was honestly one of the highlights of being downtown.

Once COVID hit in March 2020, Dover Police Chief William Breault suspended the Mounted Patrol program, before fully ditching it a few months later in June, much to the dismay of the entire community. No one had been seen on horseback since, until this man in Portsmouth last spring.

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