A 55 year-old man somehow managed to fall off the Peaks Island Ferry yesterday evening. He was floating in Portland Harbor in frigid conditions for at least 20 minutes before being noticed by a local fishing vessel.

Just after 5pm last night, the captain of the fishing vessel Christine & Caelyn saw a 55-year-old man in the water and called the Coast Guard. The crew then rescued the man and provided him basic medical attention. He was transported to Maine Med and treated there.

"This lucky man is alive today due to the quick response by the Christina & Caelyn captain and crew," said Lt. j.g. Connan Ingham, Sector Northern New England. "Even though the ice is gone the water is still very cold."I


It's not quite clear yet how or why the man fell off the ferry. An investigation is currently under way. Click here for the story from WCSH Ch.6 in Portland. 


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