Beer, Bacon, and Chocolate - what more does a man need? This chocolate stout cupcake is filled with extra dark chocolate ganache and topped with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting, drizzles of rich caramel, and applewood smoked bacon. Yes, well I like it too!


Megan Scanio of Sugar Momma Cupcakes is our latest 94.9 HOM Cupcake Challenger finalist.  Megan says, "She's a teacher by day, cupcake artist by night! With the encouragement of my coworkers, I have been working to expand my unofficial business, Sugar Momma Cupcakes & Cake Pops, in the hopes of opening my own storefront one day. Having worked hard to create my own original recipes (with credit given to the many cupcake pioneers to come before me), I have been able to develop 60+ unique flavors flavors. My mind is a constant stream of cupcake creativity, and my kitchen sink proves it! Winning this contest will give me the boost I need to bring my delicious cupcakes to the Northern New England community!"

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