As Game Of Thrones so famously said, "Winter is Coming," and with winter comes colder weather and in Maine, with cold, demands need.

The need for oil, wood, food, blankets, coats, etc. I came across a post that Korrie and Jason Card re-shared on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook page that read, "What is one thing you NEED but cannot afford right now? Everyone, please check to see what others say. Maybe you have it and don't need it or have a connection to get it. Never know who we can help or how we can help each other."

Joshua Hanson via Unsplash

This is very touching. It probably took them less than 10 seconds to re-share. We never know what we have that can offer someone else the help they need. So much is unsaid when needing help because the stigma is very thick surrounding financially insecure people.

Korrie and Jason Card said this was posted on another page and thought it was really cool to watch people connect and help each other.

I'm not crying, you are! This is just a simple example of how easy it is to help within our community. There are currently 731 comments on this post. Some are offering canned food, clothing, and even tires. Some are asking for specific items, such as a recliner. This local woman has to sleep in a recliner at night because her breathing is bad and needs to sit up most of the time for her airways to continue to be open. A commenter responded and has a recliner to give to this woman.

Dương Hữu via Unsplash

I haven't been able to reach the person that originated this post but also noticed they also created a group called, "L/A's Free Haves and Needs," to continue the giving. We say thank you, to whoever you are.

Once I started searching for that group, I was astonished at all of the other "Have's and Needs" groups on Facebook. I was unaware that this was something that existed and happy that it does.

It goes to show that help is always out there for anyone in need. This is a resource that is available, for free, for anyone to visit if they are able to give or are in demand of certain items.

As Winston Churchill so famously said,

 "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

These words couldn't be truer. Never stop giving Maine!

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