The stuff you can find on the internet is amazing. For example, according to Etsy, a Maine Air only costs a meager $22. Which is a debate in and of itself, because how does one of the greatest states in the country have air that costs roughly a little more than Andrew Jackson? (And soon to be, according to The Washington Post, Harriet Tubman.)

But in all seriousness, do you remember seeing those souvenir cans of Maine Air around? Where's the last place you saw one? And more importantly, what exactly do you think the inside of that can smells like?

That's what a recent post on Reddit asked, and while some responses are straight and to the point, there are others that are absolutely hilarious.

What would you say it smells like?

Here are some of the absolutely amazing responses to that question that will never, ever be duplicated.

37 Responses from Mainers What a Can of 'Maine Air' Smells Like

A Reddit post of a souvenir can of 'Maine Air' sparked a debate about what it actually smells like inside, so Mainers' predicted the scent.

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