Chances are you've seen it before, because it happens way more often than it should. It's a hot summer day, you pull into a parking lot, and you see an animal in a car. The windows are up, or maybe slightly cracked. And you know how quickly it can get dangerously hot in a car on a warm day. Maybe the owner figured they'd only be inside for a few minutes, and that it would be no problem. What they don't realize is that their pet is in grave danger.

If you've seen this, you've probably been tempted to do something about it. Would you break a car window if you thought it was the only option you had to save an animal's life?

In Maine, doing so is putting yourself at the risk of facing criminal or civil consequences.

According to NewCenter Maine, a proposal that would change this law was recently reviewed, but received a disapproving vote. And it looks like the proposal won't be up for consideration again for the rest of this year.

What would you do if you saw an animal trapped in a hot car? Would knowing that you could get in trouble for helping the pet change your decision to do so? Let us know, with a comment on our Facebook page.


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