Could this have been a simple misunderstanding? It's very possible. Fox News is reporting that a flight attendant told other crew members the baby was sick, after Evelyn Circeo from Auburn, Maine told her the baby was spitting up and requested an aisle seat. "It’s just more convenient to be on the outside with a baby," Circeo said.

Somehow, "baby is spitting up" was interpreted as "baby is sick," which prompted another flight attendant to tell Circeo that she and her child needed to get off the plane in Orlando.

Spirit Airlines spokesman Derek Dombrowski responded to the incident by telling News 6 in Orlando: "(The flight crew) made the tough decision to remove the guest and her baby for the health and safety of all on board... We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused. We are working directly with the guest to resolve any concerns."

Spirit Airlines reportedly refunded Circeo's flight and offered her two roundtrip plane tickets as well as reimbursement for her incidentals, while she was "stranded in Orlando." There's no word on whether or not Circeo has accepted the offer.

Here is the latest public post about the Spirit goof-up on her Facebook page:

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