Self-checkouts have become the norm for many of us ever since they hit our Maine Walmart stores.

Personally, I gravitate towards the self-check out option because it gives my shopping experience a no-personal-contact vibe, which I occasionally find appealing when I am in a shy mood.

But now, Walmart is rolling out something even more appealing to shoppers, and this new addition could be coming to Maine...or is maybe already here?

The program is called Affirm, and it gives the shopper the ability to leave the store with the product without fully paying for it, according to the press release. 

According to Best Life Online, more than 4,500 Walmart stores in the nation have added a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL for short) to their self-checkouts as of a December 2023 press release.

The new addition is said to help buyers to split payments over three to 24 months for transactions totaling at least $144. This excludes groceries.

So for example, if you're eyeing a new flat-screen TV but don't have all the cash upfront, you could still make the purchase and pay it off over several months if you are approved. Just so long as the total exceed $144.00.

How to Use Affirm financing

You can use this online or in-store, as per Walmart.

When you are checking out at Walmart, you simply select Affirm as your method of payment. You'll then enter a few bits of personal info, as the website says, and see if you are approved. It's similar to attempting to sign up for any other store credit card.

Then, you'll choose the best payment plan for you and make those payments. You can download the affirm app here.

Affirm offers four interest-free payments every two weeks or monthly payments. They also add that you will never owe more than what you agree on up front.

The press release that went out in December of 2023 does not state specifically which of the almost 5,000 Walmart stores has this option but next time you go to your Maine Walmart, take a peak at the kiosk and see if it's there!

This doesn't surprise me, because Walmart is all about being affordable. The official slogan is "Save Money, Live Better."

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