MagellanTV is paying people to binge watch true crime shows

We all strive for that dream job, right? Being as successful in acting as Tom Hanks or Jennifer Lawrence. Topping the charts like Beyonce or Ed Sheeran. Becoming a hall-of-fame athlete like Big Papi. But rarely do we actually get to achieve that dream. Mostly, we're stuck working a desk job and relegated to being some corporate suit's "yes man/yes woman" and living paycheck to paycheck, counting down the days until retirement.

But thanks to the documentary streaming service MagellanTV, the game is about to change for you and you're about to get paid to live your best life. Because they're going to pay you $100 an hour to simply do what you love doing in your spare time anyway -- binge watch true crime TV.

If you're the chosen one after applying on the MagellanTV website, your job will be to watch 24 hours of true crime shows, which equates to over 30 episodes of various true crime series from "Murder Maps" and "Lady Killers" to "Nurses Who Kill" and "Murders on the Internet." On top of the $2,400 check you'll be cut for your service, MagellanTV will also give you (and 100 lucky runners up) a free one-year membership to the service.

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash
Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

True Crime TV is more popular than ever

According to a July 2021 article on The Ringer, ever since Netflix started releasing their weekly Top 10 Most Streamed list back in February 2020, eight different true crime documentaries topped the list, three of which stayed in the #1 spot for over a month. Not only is Netflix chock full of killer true crime content (pun not intended), especially in the last two years, true crime has been a hot commodity for a lot longer, with the Investigation Discovery network being in existence since 1996.

True Crime rules the podcasting world, too

According to a March 2022 study by Buzzsprout, as of last month, four of the Top 10 most popular podcasts are true crime podcasts -- Crime Junkie, This American Life, My Favorite Murder, and Serial. (And quite honestly, if it was in a current podcasting cycle as opposed to research-only cycle, Up and Vanished most certainly would've made the list, too.)

Looking deeper into the Buzzsprout study, true crime is the third most popular genre of podcast, falling only behind Comedy at #1 and News at #2 (which makes total sense, considering who doesn't want to laugh through the wonky world we live in now, and people also want to stay informed about said wonky world.)

If true crime is your jam and you want the opportunity to get paid for your passion of true crime binging, the deadline to get your application in to be MagellanTV's true crime binger is Monday, April 18 at 5p EST.

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