If you were in Maine in the 1980s then you were around for the heyday of one of the greatest Maine bands of all time. The Wicked Good Band. On their Facebook page, they say that "the Wicked Good Band has been insulting Maine audiences since its pathetic beginnings as a bunch of misfits and weirdos."  Don't believe that description for a minute; these fellas are some of the most creative, smart, and hilarious Mainers who have ever lived. They certainly remind us Mainers not to take ourselves too seriously!

The WGB has put out a few albums that are hard to find. Thank goodness someone put some of their songs up on YouTube so we can share them with generations to come.

The Wicked Good Band usually does a set at the gazebo each year at the Yarmouth Clam Festival. Because of the clamdemic...uh, pandemic ...there has not been a festival. So keep practicing boys, we will see you back at the gazebo in 2022!



We think the iconic Maine Irregular Newspaper describes the Wicked Good Band best:

"Take a healthy measure of Mad Magazine, add a dash of the Smothers Brothers, sprinkle liberally with Spike Jones, Salvador Dali and the Three Stooges, let stand for an hour or so on stage and what do you get? The Wicked Good Band. Served with a hefty dose of fly dope and lawn ornaments, the Band provides a satisfying evening of uniquely Maine music and comedy."


ROADKILL- We love ya Pigmeat!!


The WGB song titles alone are good entertainment:

When it's Mud Season in Phillips (I'll be slid'n down the mountain to you)

Buried in Bingham

Numb As A Hake

'Neath the Rumford Moon



The Wicked Good Band is:

Steve Bither, Robby Coffin, Jere DeWaters, Bill Schulz, Vernal "Pigmeat" Hussey (Larry Spiegel), and Scott Elliott.





Here's a clip of one of the last times the guys got together to play. WGB forever!

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