Here's some great news for New Englanders who love to ski.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, Lost Valley Ski Area in Auburn, Maine, will open for the season later this week. What's truly remarkable is the fact that this will be the earliest opening for Lost Valley in almost four decades.

Open this Friday and Saturday, they'll be operating one lift and two major trails, the news station reported, and the news gets even better - tickets will be half price.

The large snowstorm we got this week was definitely a contributing factor to their early opening. Cold temperatures are also making it possible.

Two other Maine ski resorts have already opened for the season - Sunday River and Sugarloaf. Another, Shawnee Peak, plans to open on Sunday.

I used to ski pretty much every year, but I haven't been in about five years or so. I think that this is the year I'll finally get back out there. It's great to see that there are already so many options this early in the year!

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