If we had a dollar for every scam that we needed to warn our audience about, we wouldn't have to come to work to write articles warning our audience about scams. Heck, it was just this week that we told you about the elderly Central Maine couple that was scammed out of all their money and was seen at the Waterville airport waiting for a 'plane filled with cash' to land to deliver the 'prize they had won'. Now, just days later, there's another scam to warn Mainers about.

According to WABI TV 5, this new scam, like so many others, is a phishing scam involving scammers texting their potential victims. This time, they're texting Mainers about their drivers licenses. The phishing texts claim to be from the 'Secretary of State Drivers License Facility' and ask the recipient to click on a provided link to complete the verification process.

Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, said that the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles would never contact Mainers via text message about their drivers license.

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