Every now and then, the Maine Reddit is just a gold mine of entertainment to flip through. Generally, there's a lot of amazing pictures from around the state posted -- whether it's a lighthouse, a sunrise/sunset, or even pictures taken from a low-flying pilot above one of our beaches.

But sometimes, you come across a post that just stands out and makes you go "Hmm..." -- and that's what happened with Reddit user avandoorslaer's post about eating periwinkles.

Have you ever eaten Periwinkles? from r/Maine

Can you eat periwinkles?

One thing stood out right off the bat that may have not even really occurred to anyone before -- YOU CAN EAT PERIWINKLES? Which, thinking about it now, makes total sense, because they're essentially little snails. Maybe it's because most of the rocks they're attached to tend to look, well, disgusting (they're rocks that go from covered in salt water to sun-soaked, so it makes sense.)

How do you cook periwinkles?

According to OnTheWater.com, periwinkles are pretty simple to prepare -- just steam them for 3-4 minutes, then toss them with some melted butter, and bon appetit! While they've never really caught on as a meal or something edible in North America (even though they are), they're a huge delicacy in Europe (makes sense, since they're all about their escargot.)

There are also other ways you can prepare periwinkles, if you're now intrigued about eating them:

So, what do you think? After knowing all you do about periwinkles actually being edible (although the process of getting them out of the shell sounds super annoying), are you tempted to try them at all?

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