York police officers have been doing 22 push-ups a day for 22 days throughout the community to raise awareness about veteran and police suicide in the United States, according to NEWS CENTER Maine. And, as per the York, Maine Police, 22 veterans police "complete suicide" a day on average. That's approximately 8,030 a year. On its Facebook page, the department writes, "In 2019 alone, over 228 Law Enforcement officers completed suicide."

22 seems to be a reoccurring number in the statistics, so it makes sense why the York Police would choose to do that many push-ups for as many days.

They also invite the public to join them in doing 22 push-ups a day and sharing a video or pictures of it with the hashtag #yorkmaine22.

The York Police are posting videos every day of this challenge, so be sure to check in and watch on their Facebook page.


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