They say it’s a stereotype that police officers enjoy donuts. And if that’s the case, one officer from Maine is leaning right into it.

Officer Mike Conners from the Clinton Police Department is very excited about National Donut Day. So much so, he actually took to Facebook to ask residents to keep the crime down so he could enjoy his donuts:

“Today is the big day!

Why, you ask? Well, today is the day that police officers all across this great nation of ours go absolutely bananas with excitement.

Today is the day that, even though it's not officially about the police or for the police, some might say it's just another excuse to honor our law enforcement heroes.

So, what's the big deal about today?

Ladies and gentlemen, today is National Donut Day! Or, as we in the crime-fighting business like to call them, power rings.”

That’s right – "power rings." But Conners went even further with his plea, adding:

“If we could kindly ask you to keep crime to a minimum today, the officers of the Clinton Police Department would be forever grateful. We want to fully indulge in the glorious celebration of donuts.

However, if you find yourself in a sticky situation and need our help, fear not! We'll momentarily drop those donuts faster than you can say "sprinkle-covered" and rush to your aid.”

So, good people of Maine, please honor this officer’s request and take a break from kissing raccoons in Auburn, reporting UFO’s hovering over Kittery, or dumping tomatoes and onions in a park in Bath.

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