There are tons of emojis, but no lobster?! This is our chance...


Luke Holden, a Maine native and founder of Luke's Lobster says he wants the lobster as an emoji so bad, there's an actual online petition for it.

According to the Portland Press Herald:

The Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit governing body responsible for determining which emojis get added each year, announced this month that the lobster is a candidate for release in 2018. Holden said it is among the 67 emojis that will be winnowed down to a list of finalists at the consortium’s annual members’ meeting in October.

Don't even get me started on something called the Unicode Consortium... It sounds like the bad guy in a Mission Impossible movie.

Anyway, Luke (who has 30 US restaurants, including one in Tenants Harbor and six in Japan) says that it's about time there's a lobster emoji. I mean, there's a crab, shrimp, octopus, squid, whale, spouting whale and a blowfish.

The Chief Financial Officer said that if they get 50,000 to sign the petition, he'll get a lobster tattoo! Oh... that's some motivation.