Does Maine Have Bad Roads?

There’s no denying that Maine roads freaking suck. We survive harsh winters only for our roads to be turned into a minefield of potholes, cracks, and hazards.

I am constantly slowing down, swerving, and swearing as my tire almost gets punctured trying to avoid potholes year-round. Fortunately, they eventually get fixed but it’s still rough out there, man.

Growing up here, I was completely used to it and never really noticed it that much, just assuming this was all normal and roads are always covered in cracks and holes. Then I moved to Florida, visited Arizona, and traveled around the country out West and down South and realized holy Hell… Those roads are smooth!!

Boulder in The Road in Phillips, Maine

This photo may be a wee bit dramatic for evidence but look at this sucker of a boulder that was sticking out of the road on Route 142 in Phillips, Maine:

MaineDOT posted about it on Instagram saying that at the start of the project of removal, it looked like a small, little boulder poking up in the road but when they pulled back some layers… holy cow.

My immediate reaction was just, what the hell? How did it get there, how long was it there for, and was it really just in the middle of the road? I’m confused. One comment on the post mentions that when they put the road down, they probably thought they buried it deep enough but, “no one takes Maine frost seriously.”

Maine frost and the effect it has on our roads is no joke!!

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