File this one under a "no brainer" law!

According to WMTW, Maine lawmakers are debating a proposed law in Augusta today that would prohibit anyone in the state under 16 years of age from getting married.

Current law allows a child under 16 to get married if they receive written consent from a parent or guardian and a probate judge. New Hampshire passed a similar law in January, raising the minimum marriage age to 16, from 13 for girls and 14 for boys.

It seems like this one wouldn't have trouble getting passed at all, but of course you never know, as politics can slow don't or even stop even the most common sense bills from passing. I

'm sorry, but I can't think of any scenario where it would be appropriate for a child under 16 to get married!

There might have been cases where it worked in the past, but it's 2019...and there's just no logical reason for it.

If there's a good reason I'm not thinking of, please let us know...with a comment on the Facebook post!

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