Mainers keep looking up and seeing stuff we can't identify.


The Bangor Daily News reports that UFO sightings in Maine date back to 1946. And they aren't all. In the past 40 years there have been almost 1,000 sightings according to UFO investigators, the federal government and the Bangor Daily News. There was one just last month, and sightings have been steadily going up since 2018. During the initial pandemic lockdown, there was a big jump. Apparently we all went outside and just looked up. They expect numbers to go even higher this year.


One of Maine's most famous cases is the Allagash abductions in the 70's, where 4 men were actually abducted.  One of four has since recanted, but the rest are sticking to the story that they were abducted while on a canoe trip on Chamberlain Lake up north. Small gray aliens took them on their spacecraft, according to Fiddle Head Focus. Yes, just like the parodies, they had medical examinations performed on them.

Whether you believe in UFOs or not, Maine has a lot of them. Have you seen one? Are you a believer?



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