Ty Gowen and Anna Halloran joined us today to talk about the upcoming premier of Haunt ME's 3rd season. If you're not yet familiar with Haunt ME you should get familiar as soon as possible!

Haunt ME features a collective of Maine based ghost hunters who go out and investigate locations around the state that are known for paranormal activity. This show's first season shows the groups humble beginnings and was released as a web series on their website and on the Entertainment Experiment, but if season 2 is any indication of where they are headed, season 3 is sure to be an amazing ride.

What is so incredible about this group isn't just the unique subject matter they cover, but the incredible amount of work that goes into every single episode. That work is evident in the production value of these episodes, and on any scale is very impressive, but even more so when you realize it's done with an independent Maine based Cast and Crew

The team consists of Ashley Brooks, Carol Cleveland, Katie Webb, and Ty Gowen who appear on screen in the episodes. They are supported by their wonderful crew featuring Nick Nordfors, Mike Strout, Charlie Widdis, Krista Bertalan, Erin Cross, Johnny Speckman, and Anna Halloran.

Season three is set to premier Monday June 8th on The Entertainment Experiment, and they are also inviting anyone and everyone to their premiere party at Brian Boru's that night!


While the interview itself was amazing, some of the best conversations with these fun ghost hunters were shared off air. Lucky for you I captured some of them on camera!

Here's the first two in a series of four, and you can head over to our YouTube Channel to watch more fun behind the scenes interviews with Ty and Anna!