4th of July Weekend has arrived in Maine

With today being the first day of the 4th of July weekend (because let's be real, who didn't call out sick from work today), locals know that Maine is about to be bombarded by tourists. People from away come from near and far all summer long to take in all things Vacationland -- the amazing beaches, the gorgeous lighthouses, and the insanely delicious food. Especially on long holiday weekends.

With the weather lining up to be one of the best long weekends we've had in a while, other than beaches, boats, and sun, there's one thing on tourists and even locals' minds -- seafood. Sure, tourists will indulge in and find out what Maine Lobstah is all about. They'll sip on some of the best Clam Chowdah they'll ever experience in their lives. But another popular go-to when it comes to seafood? Fried Clams.

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The Best Fried Clams Along Route 1 in Maine

When it comes to eats, there are almost endless seafood places along the entire stretch of Route 1 in Maine from Kittery to Fort Kent. And oftentimes, like in the instance of Reddit user 100Dachshunds, many tourists spend part of (or all of) their Maine getaway cruising the entirety of Route 1, which lends its hand to hundreds of options on where to chow down along the way.

So, in that respect, to help you celebrate this amazingly beautiful 4th of July Weekend, we've come up with a list by Mainers for those from away on the best fried clams along Route 1 (and some just off the route) in Maine, ranked.

The Best Fried Clams Along Route 1 in Maine, Ranked

These are Mainers' favorite fried clam spots ranked from generally loved to obsessively loved! Which ones are missing?

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