If anyone at anytime at anyplace in the world were to tell you that a crazy weather event had blown an entire outdoor flea market away, you'd immediately assume that it must've happened in Maine- and you'd be 100% correct.

According to WABI TV 5, the weather event know as an 'Eddy' happened over the weekend in Solon, Maine. When people hear the word eddy, they frequently associate it with water. Typically it's when water flowing one direction intersects water flowing the opposite direction which creates a whirlpool effect. Well, the same is true of air and smoke, too.

A powerful eddy, similar to how a tornado functions, tore through a Solon flea market on Saturday. The event caused items for sale, papers and canopies to all become instantly airborne and virtually fly away.

Tess Laweryson, who was at the market, told WABI 5,

“Things were flying through the air so badly. I got smacked in the head with something, I don’t even know what it was. The lady that was across from me she said I watched it, I thought it was going to take my car up. But I really was shocked at how much stuff went flying over the tree line so we don’t even know where it all landed.”


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