Some scary news out of Windham, Maine this afternoon - according to WMTW, Manchester Elementary School in Windham was evacuated earlier today due to a bomb threat. Just before 11am, the students were brought to Windham High School while police investigated the threat. There's no word on the nature of the threat; if it was called in, there was a note at the school, or otherwise. But apparently it was enough to prompt school officials to take action and empty the building.

News like this is terrifying for anyone, especially parents with young children in school. My daughters are in elementary school, and I worry about this type of thing happening at their school all the time. It seems like this was never a concern when people my age or older were in school...but nowadays, it almost seems like a common occurrence. I do feel better though, knowing that our schools have procedures in place for situations like this, and are always working hard to protect our children.

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