So, fun fact. Before I ever even stepped foot in radio, I worked at a convenience store that my Dad and Uncle co-owned (then eventually just my Uncle after my Dad moved). It was your typical convenience store -- soft drinks, ice cream, some groceries, candy, cigarettes, and most importantly -- the lottery.

We would have regular customers come in for coffee in the morning, during lunch breaks or in-between jobs if they worked in the trades, or after they got out of work (or all the above, really), generally to snag some scratch tickets and try to become millionaires (or hundred-thousandaires, or ten-thousandaires, or thousandaires -- or honestly, just come close to breaking even).

I don't know if they did it because I was a teenager, then a high school student, then a college student so not exactly rolling in the dough, or if it's standard procedure, but anytime I'd sell them a scratch ticket that was a big hit, they'd usually toss a tip at me. Which, they never had to do and I didn't expect it, but it was pretty cool and SUPER nice of them.

So, I can relate to how incredibly appreciative these supermarket staffers must've felt when this Maine couple did the same thing for them. According to Fox News (because this story is so awesome it got picked up NATIONALLY), Glenn Theriault and Stephanie Lemieux had dropped by a Food City grocery store in Turner, Maine, for some of the usuals, and snagged some scratch tickets while they were there.

They waited to get back home to scratch the tickets, which was probably for the best since what was about to happen ultimately would've caused the biggest scene ever if they were still in the store. After a couple handfuls of losers or little winnings, Glenn scratched off the mecca of scratch tickets -- a $1 million winner!

And to their credit, they went BACK to that same Food City and gave $1,000 to the store manager and $1,000 to the store clerk that sold them the ticket. New Englanders looking out for New Englanders and helping in times of need -- I'm glad to see it's still a thing in 2021 and didn't just end when the holidays and 2020 did.

Congrats, Glenn and Stephanie! On winning some big money AND being some stellar human beings.

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