For many kids, one of the best parts about spring are the Easter Egg Hunts.  A quick Google search tells me that we have been doing Easter Egg Hunts for literally hundreds of years.  The first one was done in the 16th century!

Everyone does them a little different, and everyone puts a different amount of effort into them, but they are all fun.  For some people, it is just a few jelly beans in hidden brightly colored plastic eggs  For others, the hunt covers an acre and several thousand eggs for several hundred kids.

Well, Central Church has once again taken the idea of an Easter Egg Hunt to a whole new level!

They have announced that they are, once again, doing Helicopter Easter Egg Drops this year.  What is it?  It is exactly what it sounds like.  A helicopter flies overhead and drops Easter Eggs out of it.  Then, the kids take to the field to collect the goods.

The first time the church did the event was in 2017.  Despite the fact the event was a huge success, they took a few years off before bringing it back in 2022.

This year, they'll be doing the event at two locations: China and Topsham.  You'll find the Topsham event at the Topsham Fairgrounds and the China event will be at the China Rec Fields.  Both of the drops will take place on Saturday, April 1st at 11 AM.  They are asking that people arrive at 10:30 AM

They are also asking that people register online so they have some idea how many people are coming to the event.  Register HERE

Check out this video of some kids enjoying the first Easter Egg Drop back in 2017

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