I have to admit that I had never heard of "The Maine Christmas Song" before I moved here to Maine. But as soon as I got here, I realized how popular it was. Every year when we start playing Christmas music on the station, the requests for it start pouring in. I had heard the story behind the song before, but this year, I got to hear it straight from the man who wrote it.

Con Fullum, the songwriter behind "The Maine Christmas Song," visited Nikki and I on the HOM Morning Show this week. It was fascinating to hear him tell the tale of The Maine Christmas Song… especially the fact that he wrote it in only about a half hour.

He also told us why the song is still important today, 33 years after he wrote it. It was just released digitally, and proceeds from the sale of downloads will be going to Feed Maine. Listen to the interview below, and visit Box Of Maine for more info.

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