This is bummer news to me. I was really hoping to get up there to the Woodshed Tasting Room in Manchester and have a beer with my friends one more time before Christmas and New Year's.

My wife Sherry and I visited the 'home' of the Maine Cabin Masters for the first time on Thanksgiving weekend. We absolutely fell in love with this place. Everything was very chill.

The other folks in attendance were all wearing masks when the went inside to get a beer. When they came back outside, everyone abiding by the sign that reads something like "Do Your Part. Stay One Deer's Length Apart".

There was great live music outside from Aaron Nadeau and plenty of socially distant good vibes had by all. Of course the best part was being able to say hello to a couple of our favorite Maine Cabin Masters, Jedi and Ashley!

The fact that the Kennebec Cabin Company store is right there too, made for some wicked fun holiday shopping. We made sure we grabbed an official Maine Cabin Masters wreath as well. It was so much fun.

Well, we are going to have to wait a bit before make another trip up that way.

Last they announced that their was "a positive Covid 19 exposure" at the Woodshed.

Like I said it's a bummer, but I totally get it. Wisely, out of an abundance of caution, The Woodshed Tasting Room will "remain closed until after the New Year."

Here is the official statement from their Facebook page this afternoon. We are very glad to see that this is mostly positive news. We wish our friends there nothing but the best in health and safety. We'll be back there when you guys say it okay!

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