New England states rank high as some of the best in the country for many things...quality of life, low crime, personal income, just to name a few. But this study ranks us quite high in something I wasn't quite expecting - HORNINESS! Four Loko recently did a study to determine which states were the "thirstiest"...or best for, shall we say, casual intimate encounters." They crunched numbers on Google search terms such as “dating apps,” “best bars for singles,” “how to get more matches on Tinder.” Some people might find the results of this study a little surprising - four of the six New England states landed in the top 5! Rhode Island took the top spot, while Maine came in second, and New Hampshire was ranked 4th. Massachusetts faired quite well, coming in at 5th. So what exactly can we conclude from this study? I guess you might say that in the cold winter months, New Englanders like to have someone close to keep warm!